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Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik


A future widespread use of electric vehicles requires reliable and comprehensive charging infrastructures. The communication between all systems which are involved in order to control and monitor charging processes or to enable flexible billing of charging operations becomes an important factor for the acceptance of the intended electric mobility. It will be a highly distributed infrastructure in a multi-vendor, multi-network and multi-service environment with spatially separated and partially mobile components, which are essential for the integration in established IT-Systems in order to enable reliable grid control.

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The challenge is to ensure the interoperability of such a system, consisting of different charge point operators, electrical grid components and multitude electric vehicles, through standardized data structures and reliable communication protocols. The central contribution of the Dortmund University of Technology for the "NRW Center of Excellence for Electric Mobility - Infrastructure and Networks" is the project named "Technology and Testing-platform for Interoperable E-mobility, Infrastructure and Networks" (TIE-IN). In order to evaluate new products for their interoperability, within the TIE-IN project a center of excellence consisting of a test- and development environment is build up that can be used by grid- and charging infrastructure operators as well as by different manufacturers in the context of E-Mobility.

Project duration: 17.05.2011 bis 31.05.2014


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