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Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

Mobilfunknetze (MFN)

Module Adjustment as of 2022

Starting in summer term 2022 (SoSe22), the former lecture “Mobilfunknetze (MFN)” is discontinued. It is replaced by two English-taught lectures, i.e. "Mobile Radio Networks 1 and 2" (MRN 1, MRN 2), each corresponding to 5 CP.
MRN 1 takes place in the first half of the lecture period, MRN 2 in the second half. There will be no overlap in time. Students are invited and encouraged to take both courses in the same term – there will just be a single exam for these students.
The exam can be conducted in English or German, depending on the student's choice.

More details under Mobile Radio Networks 1+2.