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Communication Networks Institute

The Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Networks Institute (CNI) focuses on the re­search and development as well as the quantitative analysis of cutting-edge com­mu­ni­cation services, network architecture and their protocols. CNI has been led by Prof. Dr.-Ing Christian Wietfeld since 2005. With our numerous collaborative research projects, we contribute to the evolution of future wireless communication systems, in particular 5G+ and 6G networks, which are suited to fullfill challenging requirements in application fields like rescue robotics, automotive, smart grids, and the internet of things. 

The result of our research is documented in a wide range of publications, which have received a number of international awards. The impact of our research strongly builts on the integration of most recent machine learning techniques derived from our participation in the Collaborative Research Centre SFB 876 as well as on our excellent lab environment, which includes a mobile lab for experiments in the field, an outdoor testing site on the roof-top of a university building as well as access to unique test fields, such as the German Rescue Robotics Centre located nearby. 

We offer lectures on communication networks, mobile radio networks and the modelling and dimensioning of communication systems as well as entrepreneurial methods  in the field of Information & Communication Technology (ICT). The course catalog is supplemented with numerous practical labs.  We kindly invite interested students to to built up in-depth expertise mobile communication networks by joining our team as student assistant and by working on their final theses with us.


Keynote, recent CNI work and demo presented at EuCNC & 6G Summit 2024

At this year's EuCNC & 6G Summit 2024, several current CNI activities were presented.


CNI presents recent work on Aerial DRaGoN at IEEE ICC in Denver

In addition to the contribution on the ICC workshop on airspace communications, CNI supported the presentation of 6GEM at the joint 6G platform booth.


NRW-Minister Mona Neubaur visits research project 5hine to discuss 5G networks for CSP plants

CNI presented an overview of the experimental and simulative research of the 5hine project to NRW Minister of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate…


Minister Mona Neubaur visits CNI presentation on NRW government conference on cellular networks

CNI team member Melina Geis presented Campus Network Planer to Minister Mona Neubaur and Prof. Christian Wietfeld gave a talk on 6G research.


Recent 6G research results on evolved Open RAN platform presented at INFOCOM 2024

Our work "Data-Driven Proactive Uplink Slicing enabling Real-Time Control within an Open RAN Testbed" has been presented at one of the most…


Dissertation on AI-based Network Slicing and Private Network Planning successfully defended

The CNI team congratulates Dr.-Ing. Caner Bektas on the successful defense of his dissertation.


mmWAVE research moving from the lab to the field: Thank you for visiting us on HMI 2024!

CNI has demonstrated at HMI 2024 in Hannover recent 6GEM/6G-ANNA research on the performance optimization of future mmWave industrial networks.


6G Incubator Initiative Start-upConnect launched in Berlin

TU Dortmund is supporting the 6GEMcubator, which is a spin-off of the 6GEM research hub and is dedicated to 6G-related start-ups.