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Design of Sustainable Products & Services (DSPS)


News will be posted here and in the Moodle room prior to the start of DSPS.


Lecture Room
Thursday, 10:00-11:30, starting on 12th of October 2023 ( see LSF) C1-04-105
Thursday, 11:45-12:30, one time appointment 12th of October 2023 C1-04-105
Exercise Room
Thursday, 11:45-12:30, starting on 19th of October 2023 ( see LSF) C1-04-105
Practical Training Room
Monday, 8:15-12:00, Retina pool, starting on 16th of October 2023 ( see LSF) C1-01-430
*Please note that the room assignments are subject to changes depending on number of participants.  


In all likelihood, the examinations will be written exams of 120 minute duration. The dates will be set in consultation with the students during the semester.

Course Credits:

  • In Element 2, 50% of the total points earned are through lecture hall exercises. 

  • The business plan (elements 2 and 3) must be successfully prepared and presented. 

  • Successful participation and final presentation of the business simulation in Element 3. 

The coursework is a prerequisite for taking the module exam. 

Contents and Competencies

  1. Design processes for products and services taking into account sustainability criteria
  2. Cost accounting for production and operation of products and services   
  3. Calculation and Optimizing of CO2 footprints of products and services
  4. Profitability evaluations (net present value calculation, investment decisions)
  5. Sustainability as part of the marketing of products (incl. product life cycle, pricing)
  6. Organization of companies and projects
  7. Business start-up as an option for implementing sustainable product ideas
  • Computer-based business simulation as an integrated practical course
  • Creation of a business plan for a self-selected, innovative and sustainable product or service offering

Materials, Registration and Courses of Study

Accompanying materials (lecture slides, exercises and recordings) can be found in the Moodle workspaces.

The registration for the Moodle workspace is done via LSF.
Due to the system, the activation will take place with a few hours of delay. If it takes longer than 24 hours, please contact the lecture team via email.

This course caters to student of the following master study programs:

  • Sustainable Energy Systems (Master, from WiSe 2023/24)


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