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Arrival Directions

Arrival map for CNI at TU Dortmund campus © CNI & OpenStreetMap contributors

Planning your route (for arrival by car):

If you click to the name of your favourite map service, a preconfigures route planner will pop up to facilitate your arrival:

Travel by car

The campus of TU Dortmund University is located close to the motorway intersection "Dortmund West" which connects the A45 (Sauerlandlinie) from Frankfurt to Dortmund with the A40/B1 (Ruhrschnellweg) connecting from Venlo at the German-Netherlands border via Duisburg to Dortmund. Towards the west the University thus is connectd to the dense motorway network of the "Ruhrgebiet" (coal area for our British guests) which opens to the Netherlands and Belgium. Towards the east the B1 extends to the A44 from Kassel and the A2 towards Berlin via the A1 towards Osnabrück/Bremen/Hamburg. ,Nach Westen ist die Universität so an das dichte Autobahnnetz des Ruhrgebietes und darüber hinaus an die Regionen des Niederrheins oder der Niederlande angeschlossen.

Approriate exits to reach the campus are "A40/Barop" (besides the north-east corner of the map above) ,  "A40/Universität-Dorstfeld" at the north west corner and "A45/Eichlinghofen" in the west. At all exits the direction to the University and the two campus areas is signposted. CNI is located on the northern part of the campus.

Signpost for arrivals by car

Changing between the Campus Sites

It is most convenient to use the H-Bahn between campus north and south. If you don't mind a short walk through a park like area, stroll via Meitnerweg and use the footpath opening on the other side of the crossing to "Universitätsstraße". If you desire to use your car, the best choice will be the new interconnection from the sharp beding Otto-Hahn-Straße towards "Am Gardenkamp" (lower right corner of map above, but not included there).

Travelling by Railway

TU Dortmund University is marked with its own stop of the S-Bahn, station "Dortmund Universität)". Of either direction (From Dusseldorf or Dortmund central) a train arrives each 30min or 20min in the rush hour. The S1 will take you directly to Dusseldorf airport and stop close to the Universities of Bochum or Essen-Duisburg on its way.

From Dortmund city center the subway lines U41, U45, U47 or U49 connect to the interchange at "Stadtgarten" from which a subway and tramline U42 will connect towards direction "Hombruch". Disembarque at "Palmweide" and use the bus line  468 or 477 to reach "Dortmund Universität S".

More detailed information on lines and time tables can be found on the homepage of the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (

Signpost for arrivals by train

Travelling by airplane

Dortmund offers an airport  ( to and from daily or more frequent connections are served to many important locations in Germany and Europe, e.g., to Berlin, Budapest, Dresden, Kattowitz, Krakau, Leipzig-Halle, London, Mailand, München, Nürnberg, Paris, Prag, Rom, Stuttgart, Warschau, Wien oder Zürich. Many connections are operated by Low-Cost-Airlines at cheap airfares. To connect the airport to the campus, we recommend the Airport Express, a bus line to the Dortmund main station. It takes 41 minutes to cover this distance. You change to "Travelling by Railway" there. As an other option, use bus line 440 and disembarque at "Dortmund Eichlinghofen H-Bahn" (see below).

However, as a general rule, it takes less time to travel from Dusseldorf airport ( by regional train to Dortmund and then take the 3 stations towards the TU Dortmund University by S1. As Dusseldorf airport is substantially larger than Dortmund, it also offers many more international and even intercontinental connections.

If you desire to travel via Frankfurt airport, express trains will connect you to Dortmund main stations in about 2h of travel.

The H-Bahn

One of the landmarks in TU Dortmund University is the H-Bahn which connects both campus sites. On the northern campus, the H-Bahn offers 3 stops. The first (and oldest) is in the centre of the campus between Mensa and library, directly besides the Audimax. The second, on the other side of the library, provides direct access to the S-Bahn station via elevators. The third, and youngest one is located near the technology center (north west corner of the map above).

On the southern part of the campus two stops are present. The first is in the heart of that campus (Campus south) an the other in the suburb of Eichlinghofen which is the terminal stop. From this exit, bsu line 440 connects directly to the Dortmund airport (