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CNI researchers receive Best Paper Award for new Open Source Network Simulator for Narrowband-Internet-of-Things (NB-IoT) Communications

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Best paper award certificate © CNI

We are pleased to announce our contribution “From LENA to LENA-NB: Implementation and Performance Evaluation of NB-IoT and Early Data Transmission in ns-3” by Pascal Jörke, Tim Gebauer and Christian Wietfeld has received the best paper award at the Workshop on ns-3 (WNS3 2022). The award-winning contribution presents the novel extension LENA-NB, which enables high-scaled IoT scenarios in the simulation framework ns-3, using the cellular IoT solution NB-IoT. With this framework, an extensive analysis of the impact of different transmission modes, including the 3GPP Release 15 Early Data Transmission mode, has been performed on the spectral and energy efficiency in NB-IoT networks. Based on the simulation results, Early Data Transmission is highly recommended as a default transmission mode, since it improves the spectral efficiency by a factor of 4. The LENA-NB source code is open-source on Github and constitutes a valuable contribution to the ns-3 community.

More information about the publication can be found here.