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Successful Completion of Björn Dusza's Doctoral Studies in the Collaborative Research Center 876

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Björn Duzsa with his doctor hat © CNI

Due to strongly increasing data traffic in mobile communications, the influence of the intensive use of mobile services on the battery life of terminal devices comes to the fore for users, application developers and network operators. Based on the new Context-Aware Power Consumption Model (CoPoMo) developed by Björn Dusza, quantitative analyses of the correlation between network resource allocation and battery lifetime can be enabled. An extension of the model for investigating LTE-advanced systems shows that the approaches, upon which CoPoMo is based, are also applicable for future generations of mobile communications. The validation of the presented analytical model was conducted with the aid of realistically modeled simulations and experiments with specific laboratory set-ups. CoPoMo is a substantial outcome of the sub-project A4 of Dortmund's Collaborative Research Center 876.