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National Testival about the ISO/IEC 15118 Vehicle-to-Grid Communication Interface on October 1 and 2, 2014 at the CNI

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Within the context of the energy revolution, the integration of electric mobility into the Smart Grid takes a key position. So far, electric vehicles, charging infrastructures and the distribution network behind these have been self-developed to a great extent. With this, a special challenge is the insurance of interoperability. In the international standardization process, specifications for the communication between the electric vehicle and the charging station as well as between the charging infrastructure and the distribution network are in development at present. In the course of this, the standard ISO/IEC 15118 specifies the communication protocols for AC and DC charging with Demand Side Management and automized authorization mechanisms between the electric vehicle and the charging infrastructure. In doing so, it provides the basis for the Smart Grid integration of electric vehicles.


Within the scope of the project "eNterop", which is supported by the BMWi, a conformity system is being developed, with the aid of which producers can prove their systems in terms of conformity to the communication standard ISO/IEC 15118 for AC and DC charging independently of each other. This way, the project means a first and significant step in the direction of interoperability of electric vehicles and charging infrastructures.


In the light of this project goal, the CNI hosts a project-overlapping testival in cooperation with the "eNterop" consortium consisting of Siemens AG, BMW AG, Volkswagen AG, Daimler AG, RWE AG, Continental AG, Fraunhofer (IFF & IWES) as well as of TU Dortmund (CNI). The aim of this event is to bring together experts and developers and to conduct conformity tests of first implementations of the ISO/IEC 15118 with them, with the aid of the "eNterop" testing system. At that, the exchange of experiences between the participants and the test of the respective implementations in connection with the "eNterop" ISO/IEC 15118 conformity system are in the focus of the event.