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CNI @ 6G Platform Meeting

CNI demonstrates HELIOS and DRaGoN at 6G platform event in Berlin

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CNI Team at Berlin 6G Platform Event © CNI-2023
All set for the demonstrations: CNI team members at the 6G Platform meeting in Berlin in front of the HELIOS and DraGon demonstrations on the eve of the start of the conference.
Snapshot of 6GEM Exhibition Booth at 6G Platform Event in Berlin © CNI-2023
The 6GEM booth at 6G Platform meeting was frequently visited from Tuesday to Thursday

The 6G platform coordinates the German 6G-related efforts. At the BMBF-sponsored 6G platform meeting in Berlin, CNI presents the HELIOS and DraGon demos as example results of the 6GEM research activities. HELIOS introduces a new passive reflector concept which enables reliable communications in dynamic mmWave environments. The use of higher frequency bands for extremely broadband mobile communication services is often severely limited due to the shadowing of the direct line-of-sight (LOS) links by objects and has so far hindered the widespread success of mmWave systems. HELIOS uses modularized passive reflector elements that direct radio waves exactly where they are needed - with no electrical power supply and no need for a dedicated communications link. The demonstration shows live mobile communications at 28 GHz dynamically redirected by a HELIOS reflector to illuminate shadowed zones. Via a VR visualization using a digital twin, visitors can clearly understand the effect of the HELIOS reflectors.

Additonally, we demonstrate new results related to DraGon, the award-winning data-driven channel prediction suite developed by CNI.

During the 6G platform event, the CNI team also participated at the meeting of the 6G-ANNA lighthouse project.

Publication on HELIOS:

  • S. Häger, K. Heimann, S. Böcker, C. Wietfeld, "Holistic Enlightening of Blackspots with Passive Tailorable Reflecting Surfaces for Efficient Urban mmWave Networks," In IEEE Access, vol. 11, pp. 39318-39332, April 2023. DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2023.3267676.[pdf] [IEEE Xplore] [Details]

Publication on DraGon:

  • M. Geis, B. Sliwa, C. Bektas, C. Wietfeld, "TinyDRaGon: Lightweight Radio Channel Estimation for 6G Pervasive Intelligence", In 2022 IEEE Future Networks World Forum (FNWF), Montreal, Canada, October 2022. (Best Paper Award).  [pdf] [Details]