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CNI participates in RoboCup Rescue German Open 2023

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CNI at RoboCup © CNI
vSTING components provided by TU Dortmund /CNI for the Robocup.
CNI at RoboCup © CNI
Integration of the network degradation into a standard lane of the RoboCup Rescue German Open.
CNI with vSTING Technology at RoboCup Please provide a copyright notice
vSTING being used in the finals to provide an additional hurdle by applying network degradation

The German Open for Rescue Robotics was once more held in Dortmund at the Competence Center for Rescue Robotics (DRZ). The robots of the 10 teams faced challenges in disciplines such as mobility, maneuvering and dexterity. The network degradation evaluation vSTING by CNI was integrated in 2 maneuvering challenges as an optional multiplicator.

The network degradation was provided by CNI's  vSTING-Module [1] and allows the controlled application of network constraints such as additional latency, bandwidth reduction, and packet loss to account for the network limitations that may arise during rescue missions in disaster scenarios.

This year the vSTING was once again integrated in the competition’s finals. However, in addition to the extra latency that was applied last year, jitter and bandwidth reduction were also applied in the finals this year. This new network degradation setting posed an interesting challenge to the teams, especially the jitter, which induced an overall varying latency, which is much more difficult to adapt to in contrast to constant latency.

[1] M. Patchou, J. Tiemann, C. Arendt, S. Böcker, C. Wietfeld, Realtime Wireless Network Emulation for Evaluation of Teleoperated Mobile Robots, In 2022 IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotic (SSRR), November 2022, Spain.