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Mobis Pro

For large organizations mobile simultaneous access to distributed public authority information systems is still a challenge, if requirements such as high performance, security, reliability and simplicity have to be met concurrently. These requirements have been addressed in the German research project Mobile Information System for Process Optimization in Fire Brigades and Public Authorities (Mobis Pro) in cooperation with one of the largest fire brigades in Dortmund, Germany with 1,300 fire fighters and 30,000 rescue operations per year. For instance, in large rescue operations all participating rescue forces need detailed up to date information about the situation at the scene of emergency (e.g. object, building and site plans, video sequences (made by drones or fire fighters)). Today fire brigades own summarized information sheets of the most important buildings and objects in their field of responsibility that are always held on the fire truck. However, this results in insufficient information for the rescue workers during rescue operations. The time needed for receiving essential and not outdated information in the field of danger and fire defense can decide on life or death. Therefore the general goal is to accelerate the process of information provision by information hosts respectively different public authorities.

Project duration: 01.02.2008 bis 31.08.2011

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