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Recent CNI work on energy-profiling of 5G devices presented in Las Vegas

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Measurement setup in CNI lab and presentation of paper at CNCN2024 by Hendrik Schippers

Research results in 5G energy measurements and modelling was presented at the IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC 2024). The CCNC takes place every year in conjunction with the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Energy efficiency and sustainability are major concerns in the development of future mobile networks. Besides the infrastructure, a significant challenge is the power consumption of the user equipment, as it directly affects the quality of experience. The work presented at CCNC 2024 reports on our comprehensive laboratory measurements on the latest commercial 5G devices to assess power consumption, considering different frequencies, bandwidths and duplex patterns. A key result is the non-linear increase in power consumption with uplink transmit power. An empirical model with machine learning methods is proposed to enable quantitative analysis of the power consumption based on the communication behavior. By applying this model to an extensive data set, spatiotemporal predictions of real-world user equipment power consumption were performed. Depending on the deployment location and communication behavior, battery life can be as much as five times lower. These results can be utilized to perform energy-aware scheduling and deployment site selection to enhance the energy footprint of mobile platforms and Internet of Things devices.

The full reference for the paper is:

While the recent work presented at CCNC 2024 is related to the power consumption of 5G devices, earlier work presented at CCNC was related to LTE-Advanced: