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Several staff members represent the institute at the 32nd IEEE INFOCOM Conference, which is rich in tradition, in Torino.


On Thursday, April 18, 2013, the poster contribution "An Accurate Measurement-Based Power Consumption Model for LTE Uplink Transmissions" by Björn Dusza et al. is going to be presented. Simultaneously, a website is becoming accessible, on which the parameters of this novel power model are continually updated for re-emerging LTE smartphones in the future.


The second contribution "Performance Evaluation of Time-critical Communication Networks for Smart Grids based on IEC 61850" (H. Georg et al.) is going to be presented on the following Friday at the INFOCOM Workshop on Communications and Control for Smart Energy Systems. The research results were worked out in the DFG SFB 876, respectively in the DFG Researchgroup 1511.