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CNI contribution to the 2nd 6G Wireless Summit

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We are very pleased to announce that our paper "Towards cooperative data rate prediction for future mobile and vehicular 6G networks" has been accepted for being presented at the 2nd 6G Wireless Summit. In the paper, we bring together key results of two subprojects of the Collaborative Research Center "SFB 876" and take a look beyond the ongoing 5G standardization efforts that solely focus on bringing machine learning-enabled intelligence to the network side. Using the SDR-based passive control channel sniffer FALCON, we aim to mimic the behavior of a possible future 6G deployment where the network infrastructure actively provides information about the current spectral resource utilization to the mobile clients in order to improve client-based data rate prediction for anticipatory communications. In a real world proof-of-concept study in a vehicular scenario, we were able to improve reduce the average prediction error by up to 30% through the proposed cooperative approach.

For further information on the paper, we would like to refer the interested reader to the preprint of the manuscript, which we have made available [bibtex].
The open source sniffer FALCON is available on GitHub.

The research was conducted within the Collaborative Research Center SFB876 in the projects A4 and B4.

More about the 6G Wireless Summit can be found on the conference homepage.