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Plan & Play project with 5G demo for Minister Andreas Pinkwart

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Prof. Wietfeld in a discussion with Minister Pinkwart © CNI​/​BUW

CNI presented an overview of first experimental research results of the Plan & Play project during the joint on-site demonstration at our project partner Riedel. We were able to illustrate the necessity of a demand-driven configuration and planning of private 5G networks by means of a downscaled racing event emulation. For this purpose, a racing situation with a novel and 5G-enhanced automotive development platform on a scale of 1:10 was deployed to demonstrate the impact of on-demand 5G network configuration for temporary event scenarios.

Minister Prof. Andreas Pinkwart was able to control a 5G teleoperated racing vehicle out of our mobile 5G lab and personally experienced the impact of latency and the need for highly reliable performance guarantees in a competition against an autonomous racing vehicle exemplified by our Plan & Play remote control application.

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Plan & Play Demo-Video "Racing with 5G Speeds":