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Parliamentary Evening in Berlin: Domestic electricity for sustainable E-Mobility

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On April 24, 2017, the TU Dortmund has organized a parliamentary evening with project partners in the course of the project SyncFuel - synchronized domestic electricity for charging electronic vehicles - in Berlin, where the potentials, chances and the necessities of using sustainable domestic electricity for electric mobility were shown.

At the Representation of Baden-Württemberg, the two professors of the TU Dortmund Prof. Rehtanz and Prof. Wietfeld presented the technological challenges and chances of using synchronized energy. By doing so, they prepared the basis for the Heidelberger Service AG, who pointed out chances and emphasized the need for actions in the field of electronic mobility within the energy industry. Followed by personal conversations representatives of politics, business and science could share their experiences.

SyncFueL enables the synchronization of an electronic vehicle’s charging process at a distant power socket with the feed-in activity of the domestic PV system. Thus, a cost-effective charging using self-produced electricity is possible.

For this purpose, the Institute for Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency and Energy Economy cooperated with the Institute for Communication Networks to develop a synchronized mobile SmartMeter.

The SmartMeter - together with the designed server system - allows for the synchronization and billing per charge.