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Exploring New Spectrum for Mobile Communications: Field Trials with 6G Reflecting Surfaces at 28 GHz

mmPANDAR: mmWave Performance Amplification in NLOS Darkspots using Accessible Reflectors

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Group photo of the mmWave reflecting surfaces project group © CNI
The mmPANDAR team successfully presented their activities and findings in October 2023.

In summer term 2023, the mmPANDAR project group worked on the topic of 6G Reflecting Surfaces targeting the mmWave spectrum. For this purpose, they adopted the CNI's HELIOS concept and implemented a simulation-based automated design strategy. They then conducted indoor field measurements with our experimental 6G mmWave platform and characterized the acquired propagation characteristics without and with reflectors. Last, the six students presented the results to the members of CNI. The project group is part of the Master degree program Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and challenges students to solve scientific tasks collaboratively.

In the summer semester 2023, the Master's project group was dedicated to the topic of millimeter-wave (mmWave) communications in 5G and future 6G mobile radio networks. A total of 6 students designed and manufactured scenario-tailored passive reflectors and evaluated their use in an indoor scenario by extensive channel studies. Moreover, metamaterial-based reflectors were also used. Under the term of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RISs) they are currently regarded as decisive for future cost-effective and comprehensive 6G network coverage at mmWave and sub-THz frequencies. This topic is in line with the CNI's current research and project activities in the scope of the BMBF's 6GEM Research Hub. We wish the students a lot of fun and success in their ongoing studies.


Further information:

Chair: Communication Networks Insitute (CNI)
Supervisors: Simon Häger, Karsten Heimann
Start date: April 2023