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The Position Aware Secure and Efficient Mesh Routing Protocol (PASER) aims to efficiently establish accurate routes in terms of metric and legitimated mesh nodes in wireless mesh networks in presence of external attackers. For this end, it achieves the following goals: Node authentication, message freshness and integrity, and neighbor transmissions authentication. The novelty of PASER lies essentially in combining asymmetric cryptography with Merkle tree (a lightweight cryptographic primitive) and a keyed-hash function to secure the routing messages. Another key feature of PASER is integrating (virtual) geographical positions of nodes in its hierarchical reactive routing process to enable an advanced network management while mitigating the wormhole attack. Apart from that, to address the problem of node compromise, PASER endorses a key revocation scheme to efficiently exclude those nodes.

Project duration: 01.11.2012 bis 30.11.2012

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