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Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

Berlin Handbook of Electromobility Published

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The new handbook (C.H. Beck Verlag, Publisher: K. Boesche, C. Fest, O. Franz, A. Gaul) examines all legal, transport political and technical parameters of the promising topic electromobility: market for electromobility, types and tasks of charging infrastructures/competition of charging infrastructures, calibration regulations and census in the electromobility as well as power supply in the electromobility.


The contribution of the authors of the Communication Networks Institute (C. Wietfeld, J. Schmutzler, S. Gröning) deals with the communication-technical aspects concerning the grid integration of electric vehicles. Through standardized, efficient web services, it is becoming possible to attune the charging procedures of electric vehicles to each other in such a way that regenerative energy sources are optimally exhausted and overloads of the charging infrastructure simultaneously avoided. The research work on this topic is currently being accelerated in several national and European joint projects.