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Ph.D. Thesis about Frequency Hopping for Femtocells Successfully Finished

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Putzke with his doctor hat © CNI

The institute congratulates Markus Putzke to his successful doctoral examination, which he passed in December 2014. The title of his Ph.D. thesis is "Selbstorganisierende Minimierung der Interferenz von Femtozellen in heterogenen Netzen durch zufällige Frequenzsprungverfahren". Femtocells have great potential to satisfy the enormous data growth in mobile networks. In order that femtocell networks profit of a higher areal spectral efficiency, self-organizing methods for the interference minimization are needed, which Markus Putzke has - as part of his research - developed and extensively analytically evaluated in terms of their performance ability.


Within the scope of the Ph.D. thesis, which will soon be published in the series "Dortmunder Beiträge zu Kommunikationsnetzen und -systemen" by Shaker Verlag, an increase of the signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio of femtocell as well as macrocell users by up to 50% in comparison to conventional hopping techniques can be shown.