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Minister Mona Neubaur visits CNI presentation on NRW government conference on cellular networks

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Impressions from the conference: visit of booth of TU Dortmund by Minister Neubaur (with CNI team member Melina Geis) and talk of Prof. Wietfeld on 6G

The conference which was opened with a keynote of Minister Mona Neubaur, aimed at decision-makers at management level, practitioners from mobile radio coordination, building authorities and the lower nature conservation and monument protection authorities as well as other stakeholders from municipal practice who are involved in the topic of mobile radio. Experts from the industry, in particular mobile network operators, radio tower companies and acquirers, participated in the conference. In addition several instituations provided dedicated demonstrations. CNI presented the Campus Network Planer.


Summary of Talk "Towards 6G: Mobile Communications of the Future as a Topic for Municipalities" (May 2024)


  • Title: Towards 6G: Mobile Communications of the Future as a Topic for Municipalities
  • Author:  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Wietfeld
  • Date: May 23, 2024
  • Event: Government Conference on Mobile Communications Networks NRW 2024

Presentation Overview

  • 6G Drivers
  • Strong Position of NRW in 6G Research
  • 6G Perspectives for Municipalities:
    •  AI-based Quality Prediction and Network Planning
    • Innovative Network Components: Intelligent Reflectors
    • The Network as a Sensor: Multiple Uses through Integrated Sensing Functions
  • Summary

Why 6G?

  • Critical Infrastructure: Mobile communications is essential infrastructure with a broad range of applications.
  • Development from 2G to 6G:
    • 2G-5G: From simple telephony to the Internet of Things and industrial applications.
    • 6G: Focuses on merging physical, virtual, and human worlds, emphasizing sustainability and the benefits of connectivity for people.
  • Market Opportunities and Technological Sovereignty:** 6G offers international competitiveness, deep value creation, and sustainability "by design."

Strong Position of NRW in 6G Research

  • NRW as a Research Hub: Strong innovation network in 5G and leading position in 6G research with projects like 6GEM, 6G-life, and Open6GHub.
  • Test Fields in NRW: Various application fields such as port technologies in Duisburg, Smart Hospital in Düsseldorf/Essen, and rescue robotics in Dortmund.

6G Perspectives for Municipalities

  • AI-based Quality Prediction and Network Planning: 
    • Quality Monitoring: Comprehensive monitoring for greater transparency and individual quality predictions.
    • Evolution of Campus Network Planner: Automated network planning through machine learning, especially for temporary 5G networks.
    • Future Outlook: Integration of public and private networks through AI-supported planning processes.
  • Innovative Network Components:
    • Intelligent Reflectors:Closing coverage gaps without additional base stations. Development of passive reflectors like HELIOS to enhance mmWave coverage.
    • The Network as a Sensor: Joint Communication & Sensing (JCAS): Utilizing the network for additional sensing functions such as traffic monitoring and infrastructure surveillance.


  • NRW as a Leading Mobile Communications Hub: Consolidating and expanding the position through comprehensive value creation.
  • Technological Sovereignty: Strengthening as a foundation for sustainable digital infrastructure.
  • Relevance for 5G and 6G: Insights from 6G research are also relevant for the maturation of 5G.

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